A simple note app but with many functions: iNote

A simple note app but with many functions: iNote

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Most of the Android users are in Spain Install any application note On their phones or converting apps like Telegram into a single app. The choice of applications of this type that we can download on our phones has not stopped growing in these years. There are some interesting options that we talked about that you should add iNote to.

iNote is a notes app for Android that has become quite popular to have Design identical to iPhone notes app. Additionally, it is an app that gives us a large number of functions, which makes it a good option to consider if you are looking for one.

A very complete notes application

INote strives to present itself as an alternative to the Apple iPhone Notes app. The design of the app is identical Which we have in Apple’s Notes app and this is probably the main feature of it and the thing that helps it to become a popular application on Android. It is a modern and simple design that allows it to be used well at all times.

INote functions

Plus, it’s an app Completely complete in terms of functionality. When we open it we can see the notes that we have already created, as well as create a new one. You can write text on these notes, even write by hand. We can also upload images in those notes if we wish. The app supports both dark theme and light system theme.

Organizing your notes is important in iNote, Which gives us quite a few options in this regard. We can organize them according to their date, the number of words and the volume they occupy … In addition to that it allows us to set important notes, so that we can see them as soon as we open the application on our mobile. It also provides us with several options to share those notes that we have created.

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INote Edit

A good notes app, with a good design and many useful functions for Android users. It is presented as a good option if you are looking for a new notes app for your mobile phone.

How to download iNote on Android

iNote is an application we can Free download on AndroidAvailable on Play Store. The app contains ads inside, which we can remove by paying 1.69 € (optional at all times). You can download it at this link.

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