A show driver drops a person in the hands of the police

سياقة استعراضية تسقط شخصا في يد الشرطة
Picture: social media

Hespress from RabatWednesday 21 April 2021 – 13:08

The Casablanca security state reacted very quickly and seriously with a video posted on social media pages showing that a person drove a car in a spectacular and dangerous manner in a roundabout in the Al-Rahma district of the city of Casablanca.

The General Directorate of National Security stated, in a communication reached by Hespress, that the research and investigations carried out in light of this tape made clear that the matter is related to a restraining case currently being dealt with by the Judicial Police Brigade in the Al-Rahma Security District, and related to violating the provisions of the state of health emergency and driving a vehicle in a showy and dangerous manner threatening the safety and security of users. The Road.

The research and investigations carried out in this case, the communication adds, resulted in the identification and arrest of the 26-year-old suspect, in addition to the seizure of the car used in committing these criminal acts, before it was brought before the competent public prosecutor on Wednesday morning, after the end The preliminary research phase that I am subject to.

The police, the Public Prosecution, drive a show on social networking sites
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