The Weavers team is still functioning properly in the gym

The Weavers team is still functioning properly in the gym
San Weavers during the qualifying match in Basel.AFP photo

In a reliable old training model, Olympic gymnastics champion Sunny finds her father Vincent right next to her on Wednesday, the first day of the European title fight in Switzerland. For info, one final clue, encouragement, or a simple “That was fine” nod.

This situation will not affect Weaver in Tokyo within three months. There she will start defending the title on the model without the father and coach Vincent, who is not allowed to call “dad” in the crowd. Experienced gymnastics coach, coach of the year in the Netherlands in 2016, excluded from trip to Japan.

Due to all the unclear findings in a disciplinary investigation into unacceptable behavior, the KNGU Gymnastics Federation decided to leave the Wevers at home. He will be replaced by senior US coach Amy Borman, the woman behind Simon Biles four 2016 Olympic gold medals. Borman watched from the stands on Wednesday at Sankt Jakobhalle in Basel.

the classroom

There were no other Dutch coaches to explain it. Gerben Wiersma, one of the accused as head coach of the National Trade Union Confederation, immediately resigned in March. Coach Nico Zigp, coach of Tisha Fullman, stayed home ill. Amsterdam coach Wolther Questra did not have a disciple in the Swiss city. Patrick Keynes and Frank Lotter, two highly criticized coaches who previously worked for the infamous Pro Patria Zutermer, were permanently sacked by the federation months ago. They are persona non grata because of their approach and attitude.

She doesn’t want Amy Bormann around her. She is known for her humanitarian approach. In the United States, she was the only one who opposed the cruel, and sometimes inhuman, order of the Romanian heroine, Martha Caroli. With all of her regulations regarding food, weight, phone use and resting behavior, she shouldn’t interfere with Her Simon. “He’s my student,” said Burman. “It’s your wing,” Caroli admitted to the Texas ranch where American gymnasts were pinched.

Sunny Weavers and her twin sister Lake, who could together in the final in Basel on Sunday, are Vincent and sort “my disciples”. He actually trained them when they were still cubs at DOS Dronrijp. Then a passage was created through the gymnastics world leading to the highest heights, much of which was out of reach for Dutch gymnasts. Sanne, on the beam, has become her specialty, Vice World Champion (2015), European Champion (2018) and Olympic Champion. Licky was around often, and was loved for her agility in training exercises on the floor. All three called themselves Team Weavers.

A year and a half of shutdown

On Wednesday, after a year and a half of inactivity, there was an opportunity again to allow the team to excel. In the European Championship qualifiers, Lake played and counted all four planes and qualified for the all-out final on Friday to finish thirteenth in Europe. Fourth in the bar was good for the final equipment on Sunday.

Sani saved herself by not practicing asymmetric gymnastics. I am building another exercise for Tokyo. Brand new program, ‘she said after conservatively arranged ball performance. That was good for second place in the qualifiers, behind Romanian Larisa Yordac.

My greatest pleasure in qualifying for the Swiss final was to meet San and her sister in that final battle. It happened only once at the international level in all those years: at the audition event in Rio in April 2016. I won the gold medal, Leaky Bronze, the shortest summary of this “super fun” tournament was at the Para Sports Palace, where they won four months later, On account of Simon Biles, Olympic gold medalist.

Sanne Wevers, who is 29 years old and has many richer experiences, faces the toughest task of her career. On Sunday she will be playing her last real championship under Father Vincent’s supervision. After that, the American Burman slowly took over the trend. Undoubtedly, as human and wise as she is, she will still give Wevers Senior a lot of space. He is also internationally known as a Senior Technical Coach.


Bormann was introduced to Dutch gymnasts a month ago in Amsterdam. It must have been a shock to all the gymnasts attached to their personal trainer. In Basel, it was a small “hello and hello” moment in Bormann’s connection with the gymnasts.

Sanne Wevers did not want to discuss the consequences of choosing KNGU. She didn’t even want to comment on the insightful conversation that Olympic Chef Peter van den Hogenband had with her about dedication and perseverance in these difficult family circumstances. Not to mention the higher sports mode.

She wanted to enjoy the moment in the hall, with Father Vincent walking around, Sister Lake preparing to work out the bridge as she herself smeared the beams with magnesium. It was always like this, and it was like this again on Sunday. As far as Team Wevers was concerned, that was all that mattered on the first day of a somewhat historic tournament, in front of Empty Wings.

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