A rare American baseball photo sold for $ 3.7 million

A rare American baseball photo sold for $ 3.7 million

The baseball record was bought by real estate mogul Kurt Rapaport. The so-called T206 ticket, named after the tobacco manufacturer who manufactured the collectibles, from Wagner is very rare. The 1909 collection consists of only a few dozen copies.

Well preserved

Much of the money is used in the baseball ticket business in the United States. The ticket is partially determined by the state it is in. According to PSA, the US authority that evaluates the images, Wagner’s copy is well preserved.

According to Rapaport, he bought the “Holy Grail” of baseball photos. “The rarest and most in-demand ever.” The new trademark owner sees the feature as a work of art. “It’s a popular scoreboard for me,” he told TMZ Sports.

Extreme thirst

Wagner is known as one of the greatest baseball players of all time. Despite the astronomical sum, the ticket that Rappaport bought is not the most expensive in history. Last August, a first-season record for Mike Trout, one of today’s greatest baseball players, was sold for $ 3.9 million.

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