A possible cause of the mysterious Havana syndrome has been found

A possible cause of the mysterious Havana syndrome has been found

And US intelligence agencies say in a report that “electromagnetic energy and ultrasound” may have caused some complaints. The technology panel and medical experts said so-called “pulsed electromagnetic energy” can be emitted from portable devices.

interrogation with the CIA

The CIA has already investigated the syndrome, with the first case noted at the embassy in Cuba in 2016. That is why the syndrome is named after the capital, Havana.

The scientists’ conclusion is very different from that of the CIA, which reported last month that no evidence was found that foreign powers were responsible for the mysterious syndrome.

The US Secret Service admitted that of the approximately 1,000 health incidents investigated by US diplomats, about 20 remained unexplained.


Embassy staff with Havana syndrome suffer from complaints such as nausea, dizziness, migraines, memory loss, and hearing impairment. This phenomenon has been observed in more countries.

The panel of scientists, appointed last year by US intelligence chief Avril Haines and CIA chief William Burns, described symptoms as “variety and possibly the result of multiple mechanisms.” According to the scientists, some health accidents “cannot be easily explained by environmental factors or medical conditions.”

Russia is suspicious

Burns wrote in a statement that the commission was not looking for a possible culprit, but was supposed to help find the origin of the mysterious diseases. US intelligence continues to investigate the syndrome.

One theory we heard earlier is that Russia is behind the complaints by launching attacks using microwaves. No evidence was ever found. Another theory is that people became ill after they heard about the symptoms and thought they were happening to them.

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