A new feature in the iPhone .. the phone charging screen

A new feature in the iPhone .. the phone charging screen

Internet Office: Apple will introduce the latest technology in the upcoming iPhone and iPod devices. This makes it easier for users to charge their Apple products. The information currently available allows users to place and charge their Apple products on the iPhone/iPod display. This means that the iPhone/iPod screen will no longer function as a charger, technical sources say. It has been reported that Apple has patented a technology called “wireless cross-screen charging”. Users can charge earbuds, smart watches and other accessories on iPhone/iPod with the help of this technology. However, tech experts say that the technology that supports wireless charging of Apple screens should also be introduced in those devices.

Apple has already introduced the MegaSafe charger and battery pack for charging iPhones. Apple will introduce an e-SIM feature in the iPhone 14 that will be released this year. After the news of the wireless screen charging technology in the background, tech experts believe that this technology will be introduced in the iPhone 14 itself. However, there is no clarity on this. Since last year, Apple has discontinued the charging adapter that comes with iPhones. The technology that Apple brings in this arrangement is expected to be very useful to users.

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