A new banking virus has infected thousands of Android smartphones and steals money

Заразил тысячи устройств и собирает: специалисты рассказали о новом вирусе

Recently it became known about a new virus called Vultur – it has successfully infected more than a thousand Android mobile devices. It was discovered by specialists from the Dutch cybersecurity company ThreatFabric.


Information is provided that the virus is able to spread in various ways, including in the Google Play Store. Its function is to collect payment data with the aim of further theft of funds. It supports more than a hundred banking applications, as well as cryptocurrency software.

What else can the virus do?

Experts note that malware is capable of recording device screen. In addition, he opens a fake page of the banking application: the user does not notice it, since the pages are almost identical, enters a username and password. This is how cybercriminals get into the hands of the information necessary for licensing in the system. Then they transfer all the funds from the victim’s accounts to their own.

So far, experts point to only two apps from the Google Play Store, which have been secretly integrated into the Vultur platform. In total, about 5,000 downloads of these applications were made. In theory, several thousand people could become victims. At the same time, it is seen that cybercriminals are mainly interested in clients of Australian, Spanish and Italian banks.

As a reminder, the Trickbot Banking virus was previously reported, which has been one of the most active for several months in a row. The virus is able to steal credentials and financial data, as well as other confidential information.

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