A mysterious and nervous woman appears in AI photos

A mysterious and nervous woman appears in AI photos

There has been a lot of excitement around image generators like DALL-E or Midjourney in recent months. Software created by Artificial intelligence pictures of enter wordsWhich has the power to turn the art world upside down. Now there is one A mysterious face appearedwhich continues to appear with a certain type of input.

Contrary to the term

As Vice reports, the character has already been named. “lob“It is the name of a terrifying woman’s face. Her face first appeared in searches of the so-called”Negative brief weightsIt involves instructing the image creator to imagine the opposite of a given term. Loab appears to appear on a variety of these negative terms.

The digital art profile on Twitter that Loab tracks, Supercomposite, describes the phenomenon this way: “Its form was made up of a set of characteristics that Everything is the opposite of something be. But their combined properties are still a coherent concept of artificial intelligence, and almost all images derived from them contain a recognizable ring.”

incomprehensible horror

Loab’s really scary face becomes especially scary when the photo is combined with some other photo. This is an example: terrible warning! It now appears that the results are coming in more than a horror flick. “By the appearance of some kind of statistical error, there is something about this woman Very bloody and horrific pictures together,” says Supercomposite.

Accurate answer to the question How is the loop formed?No way. The exact process by which image generators arrive at the result of a particular image is hidden in a kind of “black box”. The Road can’t understand. This is exactly why skeptics are warning about it. The results of self-learning text interpreters are unpredictable and potentially harmful.

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