A level of greed that is “immoral and unbearable” according to Sanders

A level of greed that is "immoral and unbearable" according to Sanders

With Space xAnd the Elon Musk He has a dream: to send a million people to Mars by 2050. The billionaire unveils his plans in January 2020. The plans include building 1,000 Starship missiles over 10 years, or about 100 ships per year; Plus an average daily launch of three ships. And the musk Excited to add There will be a lot of jobs on Mars A dream was in. excess Of fortune chief Tesla. Fortune was, according to Bernie Sanders, Such that Bezos, Of indecent importance.

When Sanders attacks the fortunes of the greatest …

Whether in order Bloomberg Or classification ForbesAnd the Jeff Bezos And the Elon Musk They were in the lead before the third by a large margin, Bill Gates. Riches that rose and fell with fluctuations in stock prices, but never faltered. ” We are at a point in American history when two men, Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos, have wealth in excess of that of the poorest 40% in this country. », The former independent candidate was posted on Twitter this Sunday Bernie Sanders.

Candidate for the Presidency for the second time in 2020, Sanders He was one of the most famous racers in the race. But the man also remained a kind of outsider, ” Self-styled Socialist Democrat His fight: Building a movement to fight for economic, ethnic, social and environmental justice for all Complete program.

expected, Bernie Sanders Attack the largest American fortunes; And with the rough and direct accent that was his trademark, Senator Vermont Had noticed Bezos Based on muskThat their fortunes were her: The level of greed and inequality (…) is unethical ” And the “Can’t bear it ».

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Attack it musk He thought it appropriate to answer that if it accumulated. ” Resources ” she was ” To help make life multi-planetary “And the” The light of consciousness extends to the stars “. But Sanders, And the ” Space travel is an exciting idea “The most urgent thing was” Focus on land and create a progressive tax system so that children do not go hungry … ».

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