A lecture on cycling around the world at the Heerenveen Library.

A lecture on cycling around the world at the Heerenveen Library.

HeereNVEEN – On Monday, 1 November, writer Marica van der Meer will talk about her cycling journey around the world at the Heerenveen Library.

She does this based on her book ‘Dwaalspoor’ which was published last year. from 2 hours reading Contains a lot of pictures and It starts at 7:30 pm. Pre-registration is required.

What do you do when you reach fifty? adventurer and writer Marika van der Meer decided to move home from her birthday party in the wrong direction. The world is round, and if you spin in the wrong direction long enough, you’ll go home again. From a world of plenty, she’s totally back to basics, by hanging everything she needs in five bags on her bike. Marika She has been on the road with her bike for 15 months. It turned to the port of Antwerp and boarded a cargo ship to South America. There she visited several countries, after which she continued her trip to the United States.

Marika Van der Meer is a photographer and has written four books. who – which It was previously cycled from Forland, the southernmost point in South America to Alaska, and also from Holland via the ancient Silk Road to Australia. Because she roams our planet, she has a completely different view of the world from the media. amplifier Left She sees the world through her eyes And tell stories For the most impressionExciting events during this Great cycling trips.

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