A landslide victim found in Norway | right Now

A landslide victim found in Norway |  right Now

Norwegian rescue workers have found the first death in a landslide in the Scandinavian country, which occurred Tuesday night through Wednesday. Nothing has been revealed yet about the identity of the victim. Nine people are said to be missing, including children.

Rescue workers have been searching for survivors over the past few days. This is difficult due to the unstable clay soil in which they have to work. Nevertheless, the police managed to reach the center of the affected area on Friday.

The police confirmed that they are not talking about a rescue operation, but a rescue operation. Concerned rescue workers hope to find survivors. According to them, this is still possible, despite the snowfall and unstable ground. Rescue workers said that as long as victims could breathe, they could survive for days in these conditions.

The landslide hit a neighborhood in the town of Ask, 40 km northeast of the capital, Oslo. Ten people were injured, one of them in critical condition. About ten buildings were destroyed and about a thousand people were evacuated.

Norwegian King Harald said in a statement on Thursday that he sympathized with the residents of Ask. “My thoughts are with all the people who have been affected, injured or lost their homes, and those who now live in fear and uncertainty about the full scale of the disaster,” the 83-year-old king said.

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