A hit for the critically acclaimed “Nomadland”; The film is boycotted in China

A hit for the critically acclaimed "Nomadland";  The film is boycotted in China

Maybe Nomadland was well received and won one award after another, and now there’s also less news for director Chloé Zhao’s film. Nomadland is boycotted in China.

It happens very often that there are viewers in a particular movie who do not prefer to be shown in China, but this time it has nothing to do with the story, but rather with statements from Zhao himself.

Nomadland would naturally be seen in China on April 23, but after the controversy surrounding two interviews with director Zhao, references to the film from various Chinese websites disappeared.

For example, Zhao said last year that the United States is now her home, leading some to suspect that she no longer possesses a Chinese passport. In another interview, dating back to 2013, she described China as the “land of lies.”

These stories appeared again. As a result, the stickers and release date have been removed from Douban and Weibo, the Chinese social media.

Weibo also blocks searches for #Nomadland and #NomadlandReleaseDate, and well-known Chinese online ticket sites Maoyan and Tao Piaopiao have removed the release date from their calendar.

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