Fernando Alonso starts the season with two titanium plates

Fernando Alonso begint seizoen met twee titanium platen

Fernando Alonso has had to take a break, he has not regretted a number of missed marketing activities and does not believe that a cycling accident will have major consequences for his start to the season. The consequence of the accident was that he had to carry some extra “luggage”.

The Spaniard was hit in the face four weeks ago when he was hit while training on a bike in Switzerland. His jaw was broken and surgery followed. “When I had to rest for ten days, I was able to relax at home.”

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“My preparations were not delayed, I just missed some marketing activities so that wasn’t too bad, haha! Due to restrictions between Switzerland and England, I couldn’t be at all.”

Today Alonso said that during the operation, his jaw had to be straightened, while some additional parts were used. “I have two titanium plates in my jaw now, they won’t be removed until after the season is over. I’m not bothered about that.”

“I was able to resume my training program, sat in the simulator this week and everything went well. I am not expecting any problems, and I have not been unemployed for the past two years. Every weekend I have been racing somewhere.”

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