A group of ministers dies in real estate: more than half of them own additional homes

A group of ministers dies in real estate: more than half of them own additional homes

This is evident from the disclosure of the (commercial) interests of the new ministers.

Vacation Homes

Vacation homes in particular seem to be popular with ministers. For example, the new Minister of Justice and Security, Dylan Yelgosz-Zygerius, has a vacation home somewhere in the Netherlands, as does the new Minister of the Interior, Hanke Bruins Slot. Both homes are not rented.

Health Minister Ernst Kuipers also has an additional holiday home designated for rental. The Minister of Social Affairs, Karen van Genneep, is the proud owner of an additional home she is renting.

homes abroad

Finance Minister Sigrid Kaag also has an extra home, but in Switzerland. This building is rented, and there is also an apartment that is used as a private house (vacation).

Fellow D66 Kajsa Olungren, Rutte IV’s Minister of Defense, has an extra building in Sweden to enjoy a nice vacation.

Watch the installation of the new cabinet here:

pawns, pawns, pawns

And these are actually the little players. Take, for example, Miki Adriansens, the new Minister for Economic Affairs. She owns two homes for rent in the Netherlands as well as a holiday home for herself in Switzerland.

She is in good company. Because Lesje Schrenemacher, Minister of Foreign Trade, also owns two additional homes. These homes are rented to live in. Christian van der Waal, Rutte IV’s Minister of Nitrogen, also has two additional homes. These are just for you. They are not rented.

Stagower extends the crown

CU’er Henk Stagower, the new Secretary of Agriculture, takes the cake. He owns no less than seven registered rental properties as well. The registered property can be a house, but also, for example, an apartment right.

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Little is known about the ministers who were transferred from the old government and who were not reappointed. Their interests have not been rewritten, but in 2017 the list was somewhat less transparent. For example, homes for rent were not included at the time.

However, it is known that Minister Wopke Hoekstra, who recently headed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, received “some real estate” through inheritance.

More than 2 properties per person

This amounts to at least 22 additional buildings for just 11 ministers. Assuming the other ministers don’t actually have additional real estate, but live in a house, totaling 42 buildings, for just 20 people. Just over 2 on average.

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