A cargo of asteroid dust bound for Earth

A cargo of asteroid dust bound for Earth

The Osiris-Rex mission is far from complete. After successfully collecting samples from the near-Earth asteroid Bennu, the spacecraft is now on its way home. The capsule is expected to fall above Earth in September 2023.

Back in September 2016. From the launch site Cap Canaveral (United States), prof. Rocket Launch of the Atlas probe NASA Baptized Osiris Rex. From his real address Assets – Spectral Interpretation – Resource Identification – Security – Lifeguard. His goal: to study the asteroid NEO Famous b Astronomy scientists Bring samples of it to our land under the name Bennu.

This Monday, May 10 after nearly five years in space and many adventures, Osiris Rex The main motors worked at full speed for seven minutes. His most important maneuver since his arrivalAsteroid Bennu near Earth In 2018, the machine was moving at a speed of about 1000 km / h. Direction of its home planet. Expected arrival after … two and a half years! September 24, 2023, to be exact.

Keep in mind that Osiris-Rex collected samples from a file Benno surface. A real achievement! Especially since the mission has discovered circumstances – launching small chunks of rock into space, or land full of rocks, etc. This forced the engineers to completely rethink their landing strategy. Although the spacecraft were hundreds of millions of miles away from Earth. And that the valve in the collecting chamber is turned over. He refused to close the room and release valuable dust into the room.

Many lessons before returning samples

The Osiris-Rex teams estimate at least 400g, which is the number of monsters that will eventually be deposited in the special capsule that the mission will transport. Witnesses cannot The formation of our solar system And our Earth is a habitable planet.

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On its return to the Earth’s circumference – some 10,000 kilometers away anyway – the capsule will separate from the rest of the craft – if the operation fails, a rescue plan is planned in 2025 – and it will fall into ‘Ambiance From our planet. Meanwhile, Osiris Rex is expected to slowly pass by and die on an inland pathwayPan Venus. Unless it has enough fuel to expand its mission to another asteroid. The feasibility of such a mission should be announced this summer.

The return path is mainly determined by gravity from the sun. But the engineers are already planning some modifications. In particular, a few weeks before the capsule returns to Earth. To accurately determine the location and angle of the launch in the atmosphere. Since the launch is so low, the capsule can bounce off the atmosphere. While the very high entrance can be smoked.

Meanwhile, the Osiris-Rex mission has already helped confirm or disprove some theories. Bennu’s carbon richness or even ancient water spots spotted from the ground have been verified. Fact how much the heat Radiation from the asteroid betrays the reflection from the smooth surface. This mission underlines why we need to do science and research in several ways. Either from Earth or up close in space. Because assumptions and models are nothing more than … assumptions and models. “Heather Innos, the lead investigator on the Osiris-Rex team, concluded A. NASA press release.

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