7x fall holiday inspiration

7x fall holiday inspiration

Are you also nostalgic for the feeling of free vacation last summer? There is nothing more wonderful than a nice trip ahead of you. Don’t let the fall hold you back and feel free to dream about your next adventure. Autumn holidays are just around the corner, so who’s stopping you from getting some inspiration? Nice tips below!

Scenic Cycling: Derby

Have you, like many others, completely caught your (electric) bike bug? Zoom across beautiful Belgium and discover places you didn’t know existed. During the day, discover the beautiful cycling routes in and around Durbuy and relax in one of the many hotels. When you look out your window, the scenic view almost gives you the feeling that you are in Switzerland.

Sailing through Bruges, Photo: Rico Schroeder

Venice of the North: Bruges

Walk or sail through the authentic streets of Bruges and imagine yourself in Italian Venice. Historic buildings are more beautiful when viewed from the water. Would you also like to plan a walk on the beach? Bruges is located near the coastal towns of Zeebrugge, Knokke and Blankenberge.

names in the fall.  AS Photo / Andrey Shevchenko

names in the fall. AS Photo / Andrey Shevchenko

Don’t forget: the names

In the capital of Walloon you will find a surprising number of attractions that you can surely fill a long weekend with. From fun shopping among the small alleys to discovering the underground passages of the castle. After a lovely fall stroll along the banks of the Sambre, you can sample local beers at the Abbey of Orval and the Abbey of Notre-Dame of Leffe.

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Hiking in Conectera

Do you want to spend a sporting holiday in the middle of nature? Then walking into Conectera to reconnect is a great idea. For those who haven’t discovered this Belgian pearl yet, it’s an absolute must visit. Feel free to leave your phone behind and go out as a couple or with the family. Just you and nature.

Trains through Switzerland in the fall.  Photo: A/Peter Stein

Trains through Switzerland in the fall. Photo: A/Peter Stein

Training across Switzerland

A train ride in Switzerland is beautiful in every season, but it’s definitely worth it in the fall: the trains run smoothly through colorful landscapes and the most beautiful panoramas loom right in front of you. You can discover the most beautiful cross-country roads here. The Swiss Travel Pass also gives you unlimited travel in Switzerland this fall by train, boat and bus.

Palm trees in the Cape Verde Islands.  Photo: AS/marcinsl1987

Palm trees in the Cape Verde Islands. Photo: AS/marcinsl1987

Under the palm trees in Cape Verde

Cape Verde is an exotic destination during the colder months with us. During the fall vacation, you can fully enjoy the feeling of summer. The beaches and azure sea in Sal and Boa Vista are what made the islands so popular. Go windsurfing, relax on beautiful sandy beaches or head out to the green mountainous landscapes of Santo Antao and Santiago for a hike.

Tre Cime, Photo: alexvi82 from Pixabay

Tre Cime, Photo: alexvi82 from Pixabay

Hiking through the panoramic dolomites

Do you like to walk? Then you have to go to South Tyrol for the autumn holidays. Thanks to the “The Dolomites Cinema” package, you can turn it into a seven-day hiking trip, completely dominated by autumn light. This way you won’t just admire the sunrise during a guided mountain tour. But also look at Drei Zinnen / Tre Crime when the golden hour in the evening paints them. In the evening you can catch your breath at the Bonnerhütte. You can count the stars from a panoramic bedroom that looks like a cinema room thanks to the great view. Those who prefer to organize their own excursion can also book “Dolomites Cinema” activities separately.

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