It has already raised nearly 27,000 euros for the chronically ill Lisa: “This is heartwarming”

It has already raised nearly 27,000 euros for the chronically ill Lisa: "This is heartwarming"

The chronically ill Lisa needs treatment in Australia. Photo: Introduction

Almost €27,000 for the chronically ill patient Lisa has already been collected from Stad. Last Sunday, an event was held at the De Hunze rowing club to raise as much money as possible. Maaike Jansma is proud of the progress.

Hello Maaike! Lisa is a good friend of yours. As I spoke to you last week. How is she at the moment?
“She is currently in Queensland, Australia for the second part of her treatment. Lisa is 35 years old and is terminally ill. She has Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME), has migraines and has POTS. The latter is an illness that makes you dizzy if you stand up too quickly. She underwent Recently for the first part of her treatment in England This treatment worked. However, a second treatment is also required. The problem is that the health insurance company does not reimburse for the treatment. The fact that she is now in Australia is that her parents use their pension, which makes it feasible in terms of Finance”.

And for you, this is a reason to keep working…
Right. Her parents are now eating their pension and that’s not the way. Last Sunday, an event took place at KGR De Hunze, where she and other rowers tried to row as long as possible on a potentiometer. This is a machine in which you do rowing movements. It started at 1:00 Evening I took a break after every ten minutes I got help starting at 2 p.m. We got to a relay race We rowed together for three hours and ten minutes He also stopped her brother Lisa during the event He lives in the city and also wanted to show his participation by rowing a part Of which “.

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Now I’ve seen someone working on a potentiometer like this. It’s very heavy isn’t it?
“It’s very difficult indeed. But by paddling in a slow way, I was able to bear it quite well. With the help of all the other rowers, it worked. The connection was also very nice. There was someone who brought bananas and chocolate milk to stay strong. And that while most of the rowers They don’t even know Lisa. That’s beautiful, isn’t it?”

The goal was to collect as much money as possible…
“It can be done in different ways. People can sponsor us, but we also had a piggy bank that you can donate. I put a paper on De Hunze’s entrance door with the interview I posted last week printed on it. I also put up a QR code so people could donate via Tikkie.” And that was so beautiful. One time I saw someone standing there reading the article and then transferring a sum of money. Not in the spotlight, but anonymously, from a distance. It really affected me.”

Of course we want to know how much money was raised…
“It is not yet known exactly how much money we raised on Sunday, but we expect to raise several hundred. The promotion for Lisa continues for about a year. And out of 30 thousand euros, 26,725 euros have been raised in the past twelve months. We have come a long way already!”

How did Lisa react?
“Last week she traveled to Australia. She pretty much received the event on a Sunday. Because of the time difference, she slept when it was 3pm here. But with video and photos she got a good picture. She loves it. She is very impressed with how everyone feels about her.”

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Lisa’s promotion is still going on. More information and donations are possible on this site.

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