$730,000 of mobile phones and accessories were stolen from Kobel

$730,000 of mobile phones and accessories were stolen from Kobel

Chalco, State of Mexico. Four violent robbers have been arrested at a Coppel store in Chalco, Mexico.

The criminals were found by agents of the Department of Public Safety, Traffic and Fire of the Government of Chalco in the Vicente Guerrero branch.

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The potential perpetrators had stolen 730,000 pesos in mobile phones, accessories and cash, as well as causing material damage in 19 display cases.

The arrest was made after receiving a radio alert of a burglary at the branch of the Coppel store located on Vicente Guerrero Street, between Nicolás Bravo and Reforma.

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Municipal police units arrived at the site, and were able to arrest the four alleged criminals, including a minor under the age of 16.

The potential perpetrators were provided to the Chalco Justice Center, before the authorities of the Public Prosecution Office to start the investigation file and the corresponding procedures to clarify the case.

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