500 thousand dollars went forever

What happened is really unbelievable. A certified app has been stolen and hundreds of thousands of dollars cryptocurrencies.

The son of 500 miles The stolen dollar, this is the real currency equivalent, of stolen bitcoins from the unfortunate user, who I have seenIt, in fact, has been defrauded by an app that’s even certified by Apple. It happens in United State And it happens when no one can imagine that such a thing really can. The regrettable While serving, he lost a real fortune, and today, Until nowOne wonders how such a thing could happen.

Philip ChristodoulouThe citizen who was tricked by the app that had already tricked Apple itself, took it out on note a company. In a sense, the man, even right, felt himself betrayal From a company that somehow has not really guaranteed the safety of its users. Certification This app exposed users to the phishing process Question. In short, Apple is off the bench The defendants, With millions of users, at this point, have been betrayed by the company.

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An app cheated: “Apple doesn’t deserve getting away”

What is the Success It appeared clearly after a few minutes. The delusive man said it right after that Installed The app in question, I immediately realized that yes Treat Actually fake. After a moment, his bitcoins are equal to their value 500 miles Euros, they are gone. The guy apparently condemned the developer of the app in question, but he didn’t stop accusing himself an Apple Not guarantee its users.

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Answer an Apple Not long ago, The company Thus, he responded to the criticism: “Trust Users It is at the heart of why we created the App Store and we’ve cemented that commitment ever since. many of education They have shown it The app store is the most secure in the world We are constantly working to maintain and enhance this standard in addition to Protection

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“In cases Limited When criminals defraud our users, we act quickly against and block these actors Violations Similar in the future

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