5 steps to enhance control of the “iPhone” – Technology


give update iOS 14.5 The new, recently released by Apple, gives users more control over their personal data.

This can be activated through other options, according to the “Middle East” website, by following 5 steps that will enhance the control of the iPhone:


The Control Center is the panel that contains the often used settings that appear in front of you with the swipe of a finger.

To modify the Control Center and add features and features to it, it is necessary to click on the Settings icon on the main screen, scroll down to the “Control Center” setting and click on it, then choose from the list that includes application icons.

Set the click motion

The Back Tap feature can be used on an iPhone 8 or later that runs iOS14 and what followed, to induce the phone to perform a specific activity after tapping several times lightly on the back.

Mail and messages

You can choose the applications to be the default programs through “Siri”, open the “Gmail” settings or any application, and press to open the settings icon on the main screen, and browse and choose the name of the application to access its settings, by clicking on an automatic browser application or an automatic email application On the next screen, choose your favorite program.

Direct reply in text messages

To reply to some messages either in a conversation between two parties or in a group chat in which everyone uses the “Message” application, you can press the message until it appears in a list of options, choose “Reply”, enter the reply and click on the blue “Send” arrow.

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get siri

To activate the capabilities of “Siri”, “Apple” added more to change the form and timing of its work, by clicking on the Settings icon to open it on the main screen, and choosing “Siri”, then “Search” to select options.


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