5 new features for iPhone and iPad

When Facebook warns that the change to Apple’s upcoming mobile operating system will negatively affect how well it can track you on cell phones, you know you’ll love iOS14.

It’s Apple’s latest mobile OS update, and it’s a fall tradition that brings new features to the iPhone and iPad and a new coat of paint for older models as well.

Tuesday, Apple maintains its annual product reveal at a virtual demo from the company’s Cupertino campus, where it is expected to promote new versions of the iPad and Apple Watch, and remind users of some of the new features coming to iOS14. (You can see the presentations on apple.com)

This year, Apple is putting privacy first with the new iOS, which Apple traditionally released in the third week of September (last year it was September 19). The iPhone release will be delayed until October, and Apple is expected to organize another iPhone event next month.

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The privacy feature Facebook talked about against users informs when applications such as the social network use data to “track you,” or “associate with you,” by obtaining financial information, contact information, browsing history and location. Users will be required to obtain their permission to allow Facebook to do this, and because people are expected to say no to this, Facebook has been warned that it will take a financial hit when the feature is enabled.

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