5 days in quarantine to be in the Eurovision Final

Wouter Hardy (foto: Tom van den Oetelaar).

You have to give something to experience the Eurovision Song Contest final match from the green room. Wouter Hardy of Den Bosch, the author of the Swiss song, must be quarantined for five days on Monday to join the Swiss delegation on the last day.

Because in a “bubble” of a foreign delegation, strict conditions apply to Water. On Saturday, he took a PCR test to check if he had coronavirus. Then he goes into quarantine from Monday to Friday and is not allowed to see anyone: “So I bought all kinds of books and I’m going to practice my guitar at home to make myself a little bit useful.”

On the last day of the Eurovision Song Contest, he left by train to Rotterdam: “There I was taken and I got another PCR test. It’s really strange to be in quarantine in my country when I don’t cross the border. The Dutch press comes in and out of the press center. But because I’m in a bubble Country, they are more careful so that I cannot ignite the artist. “

The latter would be really annoying in the case of Switzerland, because the song Hardy collected in his Bossche studio is among the contenders to win the competition. Hardy produced the winning song Arcade for Duncan Laurence two years ago and it looks like he’s going to be going strong this year as well.

although: The whole universe Singer Dijon sheds tears in the polls. Upon releasing the song, he was proudly at the head of the bookmakers, after the second rehearsal on Friday, slipping back to fifth: “From 1st to 5th, that’s a little annoying of course. I don’t know what it all is. It’ll depend on rehearsals. I’ve seen pictures passing by. Djon is standing in it on a white cube. I didn’t think it was so strong. ” Dijon originally sat behind a piano. Hardy understands they hadn’t thought about it: “This might be very similar to Arcade.”

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In theory, there’s still a chance Wouter will quarantine for nothing. Because Dijon’s tears must first see in the second semi-final on Thursday he is taking a place in the final. “If he doesn’t, then I’m totally lucky. Then I was quarantined for nothing!”

As we speak, a picture appears online of Jon’s second rehearsals. “It really looks better,” says Hardy approvingly. It goes through the first answers:Masterpiece, winner. Twelve points from Poland and twelve from Russia … Well, anything can still happen. “

But Votter must first be isolated for a period of five days. Not much in and of itself either: “I need a little rest. I’ve been working hard lately. I really want to be there. I don’t want to risk getting there and saying I can’t get in. That’d be more sour.”

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