5 Android apps from BlackBerry will be shut down

5 Android apps from BlackBerry will be shut down


Black Berry It recently officially stopped supporting its operating system. This decision makes older BlackBerry phones lose basic functions such as access to phone calls, SMS messages, data, and more.

The new BlackBerry mobile phone Android Not affected by this. But some Android apps that are part of BlackBerry phones will be “discontinued” in the near future.

The Software Lifecycle page on the BlackBerry website reveals that several Android apps designed specifically for BlackBerry phones such as Password Keeper, DTEK, BlackBerry Launcher, Privacy Shade, and keyboard will enter end-of-life on August 31, 2022, as quoted by Android Authority, Saturday (15) 1/2022).

All of the above apps are available for BlackBerry KeyOne, Key2, Key2 LE and Motion Android devices. This is definitely bad news for mobile users Black Berry Android who still wants to use his phone for a long time.

This isn’t the first time that BlackBerry has stopped supporting Android apps. In 2019, many applications have entered the end-of-life period, such as Device Search, Productivity Tab, Power Center and BlackBerry Blend.

Entering the end of life period does not mean that the above applications can no longer be used. These BlackBerry apps can still be used and will remain available on the Google Play Store.

But if one day the app encounters problems or can no longer be used, users will have a hard time finding solutions or fixes because they no longer receive support and updates from Black Berry.

Even if OnwardMobility launches a BlackBerry-branded phone this year, chances are the phone will only carry the BlackBerry name and won’t come with the same software.

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