32-year-old man arrested for shooting two men at McDonald’s Zwolle indoor restaurant

32-year-old man arrested for shooting two men at McDonald's Zwolle indoor restaurant

An investigation is underway and the man is being questioned. Upon request, nothing can be reported about his place of residence and his relationship to the victims. Two men, aged 57 and 62, from Zful, were killed in the shooting.

On Thursday, police said it was likely the shooting appeared to have targeted the two victims. Various media reported earlier that two brothers of Turkish-Kurdish origin run several restaurants in the Zful district, but the police have not yet confirmed this.

One of the victims was already dead when emergency services arrived. “Attempts were made to revive the other victim, but the assistance was ineffective,” the police said. Many people witnessed the shooting, which occurred in the early evening. Among the witnesses were children.

Police call witnesses to come forward. A number of people have already been spoken to, but some fled the restaurant in a panic during the shooting and actually left before their details were recorded. For example, people are now specifically asked if people saw one or more people running or driving away before or after the shooting.

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