2020 NBA Free Agency: Wizards re-sign Davis Bertans for five years, $ 80 million

2020 NBA Free Agency: Wizards re-sign Davis Bertans for five years, $ 80 million

After meeting with at least another interested team, freelance striker Davis Bertans agreed to re-sign the Wizards for a five-year, $ 80 million contract, according to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN.

The deal reportedly includes an option for a Year Five player, which would allow Bertans to enter a free agency at the age of 32.

One of the NBA’s best long-range shooting games, Bertans was expected to be one of the most in-demand free agents in 2020. The Wizards sent out signing and trading inquiries from multiple teams, and the striker reportedly held meetings with teams that had cover space.

After joining the Wizards cross-trade last season, Bertans fired 42.4% of the three-point range on 13.8 attempts per 100 team ownership. Only James Harden, Buddy Heald and Dangelo Russell He had three tries per ball possession last season. None of them cracked 40% of the long run. It was the most comparable shooter Miami Heat‘s Duncan RobinsonThat was 44.6% with an average of 13.8 attempts per 100 team possessions.

Re-signing the Bertans was a key part of General Manager Tommy Sheppard’s plan to quickly reload Bradley Bell And John Wall’s yield. The Wizards front desk and coaching team are delighted to see the Bertans on the ground with Wall, who must align with the court’s sight and fine passes well with a long-range scorer.

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The contract, averaging $ 16 million per season, provides the financial security the Bertans wants while preserving the team’s ability to use the semi-annual waiver and at least a significant portion of the mid-level exception to sign additional help for the roster.

Update: You’ve gathered some numbers, and Bertans’ new contract could have an initial salary of $ 13.8 million. If that was how they build the contract, magicians would be able to use the full mid-level exception and stay below the luxury tax line.

The Wizards also agreed to the terms of free forward Anthony Gill, who has played abroad for the past four years.

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