2020 NBA Draft Results: FSU Bulls chose F Patrick Williams with a No.4 pick overall

2020 NBA Draft Results: FSU Bulls chose F Patrick Williams with a No.4 pick overall

The Chicago Bulls earned their fourth selection in the 2020 NBA Draft and selected FSU F Patrick Williams Wednesday night from ESPN’s headquarters in Bristol, Connecticut. The Bulls moved to the fourth pick from the seventh hole after the lottery draft back in August. Chicago finished last season 22-43, and missed the postseason once again. Here we’ll take a look at the depth of the Bulls and the basketball’s fictional predictions for their first round selection.

So this is far-fetched for fourth-placed Bulls but earlier reports were that they liked the Williams. So this would be the first pick in the era of Bulls Arturas Karnesovas-Billy Donovan. Honestly, as a Bulls fan, this doesn’t do much for me personally. Williams is a good prospect but not the one who should be in the top five of the draft. He can do a lot of things but he’s not particularly good at anything other than the defensive side (BILLY D SPECIAL). Williams is not a PF and he’s 3-4 over to my next level. Overall, a disappointing choice.

Fictional Basketball Analysis

Williams doesn’t have an inside path to start in his first year yet. The Bulls could choose to transfer some players and Wendell Carter Jr. has been featured in some commercial rumors earlier. Williams is likely to be behind Otto Porter Jr. as backup captain, and he should see some time playing off the bench. He wouldn’t have much fictional basketball value in the beginning. Williams is not an overwhelming attacking player. His 3-point shot appears to need work. Williams is more of an oscillator, so in this respect it will have some value at the break. Coby White isn’t the type of point guard to take Williams where he should be at this time. White has a lot of upside, but Williams appears to be – at best – a potential 3-D possibility.

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