20% ethanol in petroleum..target 2025

20% ethanol in petroleum..target 2025

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi said the process of using ethanol in gasoline will be accelerated with the aim of reducing carbon emissions and reducing dependence on foreign oil imports. It has set a goal of consuming 20 percent ethanol in gasoline by 2025. He was speaking on World Environment Day while releasing the central government’s roadmap on the topic of adding ethanol.

Last year, the government set a target of 2022 percent to blend ethanol into gasoline and 2030 percent to blend 20 percent. Currently 8.5 percent ethanol is added. In 2014 the ratio was only 1-1.5 percent. Modi explained that the government decided to mix 20 percent of ethanol by 2025, not as previously decided. He said oil companies spent Rs.21,000 crore last year on ethanol purchases.

Modi said that using ethanol would not only benefit the environment, but also provide more income for farmers. Earlier, the Prime Minister met with several farmers. On this occasion, they explained to the Prime Minister how their income has increased due to ethanol. “We are committed to climate change and the use of renewable energy,” Modi said. Ethanol is made from sugar cane as well as from wheat, rice and other agricultural waste. It is used as an alternative source of income for farmers.

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