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skier tijdens de Hoh Saas 12 hours race

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Combine a good cause with your winter sports, it couldn’t get any better, right? Happening this weekend in 12 hours in Hoh Saas. This is a relay race where teams of three skaters skate for 12 consecutive hours to raise money for mind games. They start at 00.00 and the three skiers take turns for 12 hours. And that means skiing in the middle of the night and watching the sun rise in the mountains for good reason. This is not a punishment, is it?

mind games

For several years, Mentelity, an organization that works for children and youth with disabilities, has been organizing Mind Games: a winter sports trip for people with physical disabilities. Or rather, for people with physical challenges. Because nothing is too crazy during this four-day winter sports holiday. By snowboarding, visually impaired skiing, snowboarding, and snowboarding, the organization shows during the Mentelity Games that these sports are within everyone’s reach. Whatever your “challenge”. Equipment and professional guidance are also provided. This way everyone can enjoy winter sports without worry. This year, the Mind Games will take place from April 5-8 in Saas-Grund, Switzerland. Curious what do you expect? The video below gives you a good idea of ​​the event and the possibilities it offers for challenging kids.

huh sass 12 hours

Therefore, mind games give children with disabilities the opportunity to enjoy winter sports without worry. From steering to equipment and adjustments in the ski area, everything is thought out and you understand: all this is not free. To make this event possible, they organized a 12-hour Hoh Saas watch. Teams can sign up for this and must collect at least €500 – for mind games. During the event, the teams then take part in a relay race at Hohsas. The three skaters on the team take turns for 12 hours and try to get the most distance. After a two-year delay, it’s finally moving forward this year and 75 teams will start this weekend. Start on Saturday 2 April at 00.00 and end at 12.00. With snowfall forecast, it will be a challenge, but that doesn’t make the experience any less. You are among four thousand people, you can see the sunrise on the mountain and you are still working on a great initiative! Don’t you want that every year?!

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You can still donate

Each team must collect at least €500 to participate, but most teams try to go the extra mile. One of those teams is Team Double Dutch Ski, which I can be a part of this year. I will be with two others on the court next Saturday to dedicate myself to this great cause, which makes winter sports possible for everyone. This is why I also make a rude plea to our readers. After two years of no Mentelity games, help us make this edition unforgettable for all involved! You can still donate knowing that your donation will be used next week. You can donate through the button below or by clicking on the image below.

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