Zuckerberg wants stricter media law for US internet platforms

Zuckerberg wants stricter media law for US internet platforms

Zuckerberg, Sundar Pichai of Google and Jack Dorsey of Twitter appeared before the US House of Representatives on Thursday to discuss combating disinformation online. In recent years, there has been a lot of talk in US policy about whether to repeal Article 230, a law that states that social media companies cannot be sued for what their users post.

The House of Representatives published his remarks on Wednesday. Pichai warns that Article 230 should be repealed completely. “Without Section 230, online platforms will either block much of the content, or stop filtering the content at all,” he wrote.

Proving that you can preserve it

Zuckerberg’s suggestion continues. He believes Section 230 needs to be changed. He says only tech companies that can prove they are doing their best to keep illegal content out should be protected by law. The “independent party” should establish guidelines that companies can verify.

He does not want privacy and encryption to become part of this policy. According to Zuckerberg, these topics are so complex that they require extra time and attention. Some Section 230 bills require the inclusion of back doors in encrypting messaging services such as WhatsApp.

Experts think it is a bad idea to make such tailgate. Criminals can also use it to eavesdrop on users.

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