Zuckerberg reportedly told Facebook – Facebook employees: “We have to make Apple suffer.”

Zuckerberg reportedly told Facebook - Facebook employees: "We have to make Apple suffer."

This comment came in response to Apple’s criticism of Facebook’s data collection practices.

The rumored personal dimension of the public confrontation between Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his Apple counterpart Tim Cook has emerged again, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal, Zuckerberg had already made outrageous comments since 2018.

According to the report, with controversy already raging, and focused on data collection practices on Facebook, Tim Cook gave an interview that was broadcast on a major US television network. During that interview, Cook claimed that Apple would not be in the same position as the company behind the popular social network.

People familiar with the situation said that Zuckerberg’s comments, which he made personally, were more severe than his public stance, as Cook’s stance was “extremely frivolous and inconsistent with the truth.” According to news sources, the head of Facebook told his partners, “We have to make Apple suffer,” in response to the unfair treatment, according to him, of his company by the tech giant.

Tensions between the two men became public in 2014, when Cook criticized Facebook’s business model.

Meanwhile, Cook has expressed from time to time his dissatisfaction with business models that have given top priority to engaging users in the platform, and collecting data from users to show them targeted ads. Although Cook did not name Facebook at first, his comments were a secret reference to the social media platform, according to the report.

Meanwhile, the iOS upgrade will make it easier for users to refuse to log their data, in order to make it easier for users to display ads that adapt to their internet habits, as Deutsche Welle said in a recent report.

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Facebook is trying to anticipate developments by requiring users to have permission to record their data in order to be able to show them targeted ads. The Insider report indicates that the request will take the form of a popup, with text telling users that listing approval will translate into “more personalized ads” while “supporting ad-based businesses to reach customers.”

On the other hand, Facebook believes Apple favors its own services and shapes its policies in a way that it prefers. According to the company, Apple’s definition of “tracking” is that data must pass through a third-party infrastructure to be considered tracking. Facebook’s view is that this, by definition, includes every app, website and business, with the exception of Apple, the owner of the operating system.

In addition, Facebook considers that Apple has granted special privileges to its ad measurement system and misleads users about its data collection practices, as it does not disclose the terms of protecting the privacy of their apps that link metadata to them. Details of the account in question, while obliging their competitors to indicate exactly this element in their respective applications.

Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Insider for comment.

In a statement to Insider, Facebook said: “This issue is not about two companies, it is about the future of free internet. Apple is creating two scales and scales, one for itself and the other for small businesses. Apple claims that privacy is in stake, but its goal is profit, and we unite with everyone who points Until Apple’s position favors itself while beating the competition

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The report has been updated with additional information provided by Facebook.

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