Zuckerberg is emotional: “Every day begins with a punch in the stomach!” life and knowledge

Zuckerberg is emotional: "Every day begins with a punch in the stomach!"  life and knowledge

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg reveals his bag |

“Every day starts with a punch in the stomach!”

When one of the world’s most influential people talks about the inside story…

On the podcast by American comedian Joe Rogan, Meta President Mark Zuckerberg (38) has been surprisingly open about personal and professional issues. On Zuckerberg’s company, the Meta group includes, in addition to WhatsApp, too Social media platforms Facebook and Instagram.

BILD has summed up Zuckerberg’s most exciting comments for you!

This is what it feels like to drive a dead

Zuckerberg starts every day by checking the messages on his cell phone. There are “millions of notifications” – and they rarely mean anything good. Zuckerberg: “People keep the gospel to tell me in person.”

Loading this message in the morning doesn’t seem to benefit the meta manager. “What is going on in the world that you want me to pay attention to today? It’s like getting up every day and getting a punch in the stomach first thing.”

About your social media consumption

One would have expected such an important social media manager to spend his entire day on his own platforms. puff cake!

Zuckerberg: “Personally, I do so many things every day that there are not enough hours in the day.”

Zuckerberg via Twitter competitor

Zuckerberg isn’t too enthusiastic about social media rival Twitter: “I find it hard to spend a lot of time on Twitter without getting upset.” On the Twitter platform, users mostly discuss current affairs and political issues.

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Better cuts in Zuckerberg’s eyes – how could it be otherwise – Instagram affiliate Meta. “Instagram is a very positive place. Some users even criticize that the content is a bit positive in some way. It is easy to spend time there and enjoy some of that positivity.”

This is also especially important to him. Because: “I don’t want to build anything that makes people upset or angry.”

About Elon Musk’s Neuralink Project

Zuckerberg has also been somewhat cautious about eccentric billionaire and tech pioneer Elon Musk (51) and the Neuralink project.

Background: Neuralink is looking for a way to connect the human brain to a computer. This is aimed at improving the functioning of the human body.

In the near future, for example, neurodegenerative diseases of the brain should be able to be treated better, and in a few years the technology should also be available to healthy people.

Zuckerberg: “It is very difficult to get information from a computer directly into the brain. I suspect that in the next 10 to 15 years, healthy people will not just want to implant something in their brains for fun. “

Because: the population wants a high-end product and not a brain chip that has to be replaced with a newer model next.

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