Ziegelar decided for offside Miss Brazil and Switzerland – Suriname Herald

Ziegelar decided for offside Miss Brazil and Switzerland - Suriname Herald

The World Cup adventure of FIFA referee Zachary Zegelar came to an end last week. The Surinamese official played twice in the group stage during the World Championships. Unfortunately, it did not come to a place in the knockout round. Ziglar was accused of not being offside in the meeting between Brazil and Switzerland.

It was the moment when Brazilian striker Richarlison put his compatriot Vinicius Jr in an offside position. The Real Madrid player scored from this position, but the goal was later disallowed by the Video Assistant Referee (VAR).

According to the directors, Ziegelar had to see this situation. However, it was also recognized that it was a difficult case. The team that Ziglar was part of (chief referee Ivan Barton of El Salvador and compatriots David Moran and Said Martinez) subsequently got into action again for the round of 16 meeting between England and Senegal. The Surinamese were not part of this meeting and were replaced by American assistant referee Kathryn Nesbitt.

The Surinamese Football Association (SVB) chief referee, Robert Oberg, confirmed that Ziglar had been penalized for the above. “He couldn’t see a difficult offside ball from the midfield, but first assistant referee David Moran (El Salvador) also made an offside mistake, but he continues,” Oberg is annoyed with FIFA’s selection.

“Honestly, I’ve seen him progress.” But Oberg is happy that Ziglar was able to assist in two games. Hats off to this Surinamese. As a Surinamese, he has written history. I hope the government and SVB will appreciate him very much.” Oberge points to the fact that athletes are popular when they put Suriname on the map. “Suddenly Zachary knew, but through his hard work and sacrifices to achieve this goal, he was unknown.”

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According to the information received, the official left Qatar on December 8, after which he spent a few days in the Netherlands. Ziglar will return to Suriname on December 20. Oberg expects the referee to continue his career and also help guide his local colleagues.

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