Zero Points Series at Eurovision this year –

Zero Points Series at Eurovision this year -

The start of the TV score announcements during the Eurovision Song Contest final was chosen by Eurovision fans as the Moment of the Year. During the presentation of the first Eurovision Awards, the fantastic event was favored over the “speech” of the winning group Måneskin (“Rock and roll never dies”).

Great Britain, Germany, Spain and the Netherlands, the four countries that were at the bottom after the jury’s points were allocated, received zero points respectively from the audience during registration. Since this detection method was introduced in 2016, never before has so many countries not received anything from TV sets. It caused Eurovision artists and the audience in Rotterdam Ahoy to disbelieve.

Other Eurovision Awards went to Switzerland and Ukraine, among others. Switzerland’s Gjon’s Tears won the award for Best Voice Artist, and Go_A from Ukraine was awarded for Best Innovative Theatrical Performance. The dress of the Russian singer Manisha received the most votes in the category “The Most Famous Group”, while Croatia was chosen as the best actress not to reach the final.

Jeangu Macrooy missed out on the best haircut category. He saw that the award goes to the Serbian Hurricane singers. Måneskin received the Best Apparel Award.

The winners of the first Eurovision Awards were announced Friday evening. In total, more than 70,000 people have cast their votes in recent days.

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