Your VPN and Netflix may not work anymore

Your VPN and Netflix may not work anymore

If you want to watch Netflix content that is only available in Canada or the United States, you cannot do so by changing the Netflix slider. You have to create a VPN connection to do this which allows you to fake that you are in this country. Netflix doesn’t think it’s okay for people to do this, which is why they’re blocking more and more IP addresses. Unfortunately, this also means that innocent people have suddenly been banned from the streaming service.


Not everyone uses a VPN to watch content that is not intended for their country. Some use it only for security, to ensure that their online behavior cannot be tracked and to make it more difficult for hackers. These people are now facing the same amount of problems as people who use a VPN to change their locations.

If you are using a commercial VPN service, you may have encountered problems since 2015, when Netflix started blocking many commercial VPNs. The solution then is to get rid of a subnet and connect a new one, so that you can still watch content from other countries for a few days or weeks, until that network is blocked again.

Netflix battle

Another way to solve this problem is with a VPN service. Services sometimes buy not only free IP addresses, but also specific “home” IP addresses. Netflix recently blocked these addresses as well, but this means that people who are legitimately paying for Netflix are also being blocked at their “legal” home IP address. It is not yet clear how many people were involved, but several people have already registered on Reddit.

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Netflix hasn’t reported much news about it yet, so it looks like it’s still there. It remains to be seen how many people will report the problem and if Netflix really wants to change it. Of course, it’s all about the rights that Netflix takes such a hard line against this. After all, otherwise it is possible that he has enabled the option to change the country within the service itself. After all, it is involved in a huge competition with other streaming services.

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