Your data is kept safe with pCloud

Your data is kept safe with pCloud

Online storage services come in all shapes and sizes. However, some services stand head and shoulders above the rest. That’s a good thing: when it comes to storing, syncing, and sharing files, you don’t want to leave anything to chance. Take a look at pCloud.

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When choosing the right cloud storage, it is important to know where your data is stored. In the case of pCloud, your data is stored in Benelux. This is good for European users: you know that European laws apply to data storage and that you have the greatest possible control over the data. Speaking of laws, pCloud is based in Switzerland and abides by the privacy laws of that country. What this means for you: Your personal data is protected by one of the most stringent data protection laws.

In addition, makers built a surplus. This way, your files are stored in at least three distributed server locations. In addition, multiple copies are made of each file. The provider also works on the basis of client-side encryption. The end user is the only one who owns the key. Also good to know: pCloud operates on the basis of the “zero-knowledge privacy” model. This means that the organization itself does not have access to the files.

Various forms of access

The great strength of online storage lies in the ability to access your data across different devices. It is also useful to sometimes access your data through a “temporary” device, such as the computer of an acquaintance. As for the last situation, you can use pCloud for the web: the main functions of the platform can be accessed via a browser. Also good is pCloud Drive: with this you can create a virtual drive on your computer, which is more secure and constantly syncs with the cloud. The result: you use your data the same way you use local files. Good to know: You can use Windows, Mac, and Linux for this.

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Mobile phone, but also offline

Of course there is also an app available, so you always have all the information at hand on your Android or iPhone. If you go to an area with no internet connection (for example, during a plane flight), you can also tag specific files and make them accessible offline.

Smart Plugins

Of course you want to encrypt your confidential data as much as possible. But have you ever thought that encrypting all files is not always desirable? The explanation is simple: the server can no longer recognize the encrypted file. As a result, you can no longer edit the file in question. For example, if you want to convert a media file to a different format (“transcoding”) or if you want to create thumbnails of images. The makers of pCloud have found a solution for this: an encrypted folder is created in your account. Everything you then store in this folder is automatically encrypted. You can also create subfolders in this root folder and even rename the folder with a folder name of your choice. This way you always have complete control.

keep watching

To be fair, the more files you have, the more important it is to be able to find them quickly. This is of course no different from cloud storage. pCloud features a powerful search function, which you will find in the web interface as well as in mobile applications. If you can’t come up with the exact name, you can also use the filter function: with it you can filter files by file type. For example, you can view all images or all audio files at once. However, these powerful search functions are essential: with pCloud, you can save any type of file, regardless of file size, to your account. So this is not only about compressed Office documents, but also large video files in HD format. There are no restrictions in this regard.

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Tip: go back in time

You probably know this: after cleaning several files in a serious cleaning process, you will regret a few deletions. Fortunately, this is where the Recycle Bin comes in handy. Files are still stored here: 15 days (with the free version) or 30 days (with the paid version). Do you still think this is on the low side? With pCloud, you can also choose Extended File History. As the name suggests, it allows you to recover files up to 365 days in the past. This is also useful in case of ransomware attacks and your files become useless.


Especially when it comes to making regular backups, this is often forgotten in practice. A cloud storage plan, such as pCloud, can also be useful for this. You can set folders to be automatically copied to the cloud every time you start your computer. There are no maximum file size restrictions and no speed limit for uploading.

under the cover

Under the hood, a combination of modern security technologies are used to keep your data safe. For example, 256-bit AES encryption is used. Also, the installed TLS/SSL protocol is used to communicate between the pCloud servers and your laptop and the encryption is done on the local computer. If you want to further improve security, you can use two-factor authentication. If you lose your password unexpectedly, thanks to two-factor authentication, there is no need to worry and your data will remain safe.

Everything is settled

You often pay a monthly or yearly fee for your cloud provider’s services. What’s interesting with pCloud is the possibility to have a “lifetime subscription”. You pay a one-time amount, after which you don’t have to worry about it for the rest of your life. If you are interested, pay extra attention to the interesting promotions that are regularly organized in pCloud. Do you also want to start storing your files securely online? You will find additional information on the pCloud website. Get 75% off pCloud for a limited time from May 26-29. Profit now!

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