Young Orange recovers from draw and stays on Swiss track

Jong Oranje herstelt zich van remise en blijft in spoor Zwitsers

21:52 The Dutch juniors recovered from the points loss on Tuesday evening during their visit to Switzerland. National coach Erwin van de Loy’s men did not take advantage of very poor Young Wells in Nijmegen: 5-0. Jurgen Ekkelenkamp played an important role in this two-goal win.

Surprisingly enough, there was no starting place for Miron Boadou in De Gouvert, who was once again sidelined by Van de Loy. However, there was no need for the striker against Wales, who made a particularly poor impression. The first goal was not long. A Mitchell Packer cross was pushed against the ropes by Ekkelenkamp at the second post.

Dutch promises provided opportunities in the first half to seal the match early, but Van de Loy’s team did not get past Sven Putman’s 2-0 goal. After the tea, gas was given. Ten minutes after the break it was 5-0 through hits from Daychon Reidan and Ecklenkamp and an own goal from poor Finn Stevens.

The counter eventually stopped at five points, but the Dutch Juniors have three crucial points in the hunt for a ticket to the European Championship in 2023. Van de Loy’s side are second with seven points from three games and three points behind. Points on Switzerland. In a month, the Dutch juniors will play Young Bulgaria in Almira.

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