Young Maaskant Award 2021 for Nils Groenfeld and Raoul Vogels

Young Maaskant Award 2021 for Nils Groenfeld and Raoul Vogels

Young Maaskant Prize winners 2021, architects Raoul Vleugels and Niels Groeneveld of the Werkstatt office. According to the jury, they are pioneers in environmental, social and economic construction. Low-tech approach has a major impact on local economies, society, climate and comfort of life. They show an indisputable architectural quality and their sensual way of building expresses a unique language. This language bears witness to a sense of architecture, aesthetics, and overall technical knowledge.

Eindhoven office Werkstatt

The Werkstatt office (which literally means workplace) in Eindhoven is one of the few architectural firms where the technical and architectural properties of materials are examined and tested using physical models. Working with hands is an important part of the design process. Werkstatt prefers biomaterials such as wood, lime and hemp that prefer to come from the immediate vicinity and combines this with standard building products. The Werkstatt method provides a basis for questioning persuasive traditional building regulations and appealing. Their first joint venture, Het Kalkhennephuis, in Oudega is a good example of this.

Niels Grunfield

Nils Groenfeld (September 27, 1985) graduated with distinction in 2012 as an architect from Eindhoven University of Technology. After his studies he worked for Paul de Ruiter Architecten. Niels: “I was already working on the issue of sustainability from an early age. Many solutions are sought in installation technology, but natural materials also provide interesting answers. In addition, a wooden house looks different from a stone house. Aspects such as humidity and smell are important. Also… I call this multisensory approach to building. Through our pragmatic approach we try to make these sensory traits visible through models. Our mission and ideology is to reach a large audience with a healthy and natural building. ”

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Raul wings

Raoul Vogels (April 12, 1985) graduated with distinction as an architect from Eindhoven University of Technology in 2011. He then worked in offices in the Netherlands and abroad, including Peter Zumthor in Switzerland, Happel Cornelisse Verhoeven in Rotterdam and as a restoration engineer at Laugs Bouwmeesters in Maastricht. Raoul: “At the end of this year, construction of the CPO Meer & deel project will start in Eindhoven. This brings together a lot of what we support with Werkstatt: innovative building systems in which we also apply traditional building products. Building with wood can be cost-effective, and we will prove it. In more parts, we fully involve the residents of the future in the construction and selection process. “

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Inspiration – inspiration

In light of the climate crisis and the high demand for housing, the Werkstatt method and its projects provide inspiration. These projects are the realization of a broad approach where architecture, environment, and social democratic practices combine and reinforce each other to answer pressing social questions.

Sharing knowledge

Werkstatt is an important link in the design community in Eindhoven and shares ideas and knowledge with other designers, universities and building academies. Both partners teach at Eindhoven University of Technology, Delft University of Technology and Amsterdam Academy of Architecture.

Rotterdam Maskant Prize

The Rotterdam-Mascant Prize for Young Architects, which consists of a cash award of 5,000 euros and a contribution to a communication letter, is a motivational award for architects under the age of 36 and is awarded every two years on the recommendation of an independent jury. The jury is composed of the success of Aouaki (Awaki’s concepts), Marius Grotfeld (Feldwerk Architects) and Madeleine Maskant (Director of the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture). On Friday November 19, 2021, the Young Maaskant Prize will be awarded at City Hall in Rotterdam.

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