“You shouldn’t be doing more races in the US too soon”

"You shouldn't be doing more races in the US too soon"

Haas team boss Gunther Steiner is pleased to see the growth of Formula 1 in the United States, but warns that the sport should not introduce new racing on American soil too quickly. The main thing now is that the current races on the calendar are getting better and better, according to Steiner.

Since 2012, Formula 1 has returned to the United States to race in Austin, where the drivers lead the Circuit of the Americas. This year the race will be added in Miami and will be followed next year by number three in Las Vegas. Formula 1 has quickly found its way to the United States and this is justified, according to Haas F1 team boss Gunther Steiner, who is thus responding to the criticism that Formula 1 has received for this expansion in America.

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“Austin is also a lot of people, but you should never forget the size of the United States,” Steiner was quoted as saying. racer† “I’ve lived here for a long time, so I can see the difference. It’s like having a Grand Prix in England or Spain – you can be successful anywhere. It’s the same here.”

“We’re here on the East Coast now, and Kuta is in Texas,” Steiner continues. “Texas itself is a huge state, and they wouldn’t stand in each other’s way because it’s a big country that can have many grand prix races because it’s over 300 million people. It’s just like Europe. We don’t say there, ’cause we already have a race in The UK, we shouldn’t go to Portugal,” Steiner explains as an example. “It’s too far away. This is what we as Europeans need to get used to.”

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So at the moment there are three races in the US, but Steiner warns that Formula 1 shouldn’t go too fast. He stresses that they must first make sure that current events improve. “With Vegas next year, we need to solidify what we have. Don’t just try to do more and more. We also have to make it better and better,” Steiner said.

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