You can watch these 25 countries in the Eurovision Song Contest | right Now

You can watch these 25 countries in the Eurovision Song Contest |  right Now

The finalists are well known: the S10 knows which 24 countries it will compete with on Saturday to win the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest. Those are them.

United Kingdom – Sam Ryder – Space man

Sam Ryder is incredibly popular on TikTok: the singer began to sing during lockdowns in 2020, thus managing to amass 12 million followers. He can also write himself: Space man made himself.

France – Two thousand and Ahes – Volyn

No, it’s not French: the quartet of Alpha and Ahiz sometimes sing in Breton, a Celtic language spoken by only a few hundred thousand people. The song is about a woman who wants to dance, but her family tells her that she is not allowed to. Of course she does and it turns out she’s dancing with the devil.

Germany – Malik Harris – rock stars

Malik Harris does something we rarely see on the Eurovision stage: he sings. It’s not the whole song, but it’s really part of the song. Harris has been working on his music career for over four years and is doing so well, having already supported James Blunt and Tom O’Dell.

Italy – Mahmoud and Blanco – PREVIDIA

Mahmoud familiar for the song contest fans: The singer also participated in 2019 and then came in second place behind Duncan Lawrence. He didn’t necessarily want to get involved again, he told, but Blanco really wanted to and so Mahmoud went anyway.

Spain – Chanel – Slovakia Mo

Dancing, singing, acting: Chanel can do it all. employment Slovakia Mo Show them these first two talents in detail. The song is also a bit Dutch, because the producer behind the song is Dutchman Arjen Thunen.

Netherlands – S10 – depth

The S10 is the first Dutch entry since Sieneke and it sings about sadness and memories that you can carry with you. The singer is popular with bookmakers: a place in the top ten should be a possibility.

Ukraine – Kalush Orchestra – Stefania

The Kalush Orchestra was not actually the choice of the Ukrainian people: the ensemble took second place in the national final. But since the winner Alina Bash was in the Crimea and did not adhere to the Ukrainian rules for visiting this part attached to Russia, she had to be replaced.

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Switzerland – Marius Behr – Boys do not Cry

Marius Behr originally planned to start construction, but in 2016 decided to focus on music anyway. He toured in Switzerland and Germany as a street musician in hopes of success. An American producer was discovered during a festival show, and his music career suddenly became more serious.

Moldova – Zdob si Zdub & Fratii Advahov – Trinolitol

For Song Contest fans, Zdob si Zdub & Fratii Advahov Old Friend: Half Collaboration (Zdob si Zdub) has already participated in the Eurovision Song Contest twice before. In 2005, the band was the first to take part in a music competition on behalf of Moldova. This time the group hopes to win the song Trinolitol: A song about a small train.

Lithuania – Monica Liu – CinemaTai

Monica Leo has wanted to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest for a long time, and this year, this desire can finally come true. CinemaTai It is about an artist lingering in the past and based largely on Leo’s own experiences.

Armenia – Rosa Lynn – Explode, Explode

Armenia has won the latest edition of the Junior Song contest, and singer Rosa Lynn hopes to achieve the same with her song. Explode, Explode† The song is about forgetting about love and how hard it can be at times.

Greece – Amanda Teneford – we die together

Amanda Teneford is not only working hard on her music career, but she is also studying medicine. In her song she sings about a love so strong that it makes you go crazy with each other and you can’t live without each other.

Iceland – System – Mio Heikkande Sol

Sisters Sigga, Beta and Elín have performed the song together from an early age and achieved huge success in Iceland with the song there is nobody. Music runs in the family: their father was a huge success in the UK in the 80s, and mother Eileen was also a singer. Brother Ithor plays the drums while his sisters perform.

Norway – Subwoofer – Give this wolf a banana

Masks, dress and strange words are favorites at the Eurovision Song Contest and this year Norway is showing off. The Subwoofer members wish to remain anonymous and say that they are not from Norway, but from the Moon.

Portugal – Maro – Saudade, Saudade

Maru already has a musical career: the singer studied music and moved to Los Angeles, where she released six albums in one year. Previously opened to Jessie J and collaborated with Grammy Award winner Jacob Collier. At the Eurovision stage, English and Portuguese were combined.

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Finland – Rasmus – Jezebel

Many people still know The Rasmus: the band achieved international success in 2003 with the song in the shadows And at that time I toured all the major cities in Europe. also first day of my life She achieved good results, but then the great success failed to be achieved. This does not mean that the band began to offer little: since those songs, four more albums have been released. The group has been very popular in Finland and is hoping for it now Jezebela song about a woman doing exactly what she feels like, to revive that worldwide fame.

Serbia – Konstrakta – in Corpor Sano

Ana Durić is the birth name of artist Konstrakta, who not only composes her own music but is also the designer behind her videos, is a businesswoman and can work as an architect. in Corpor Sano It can be interpreted as a critique of the health care system in Serbia: Constructa washed her hands during the live performance of the song. An attentive listener hears the name ‘Meghan Markle’ pass by: Translated into Dutch Constructa turns out to be wondering how the Duchess of Sussex got her beautiful hair.

Azerbaijan – Nader Rostamli – Go back

Where Effendi sang an uptempo song for Mata Hari in 2021, Azerbaijan chose a more classic ballet this year. Nader Al Rostamly sings about heartache Go back, a common theme in the Eurovision Song Contest. By the way, the singer has always dreamed of participating: for this he chose Azerbaijani voice For coach Eldar Gasimov, who won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2011. This choice ultimately gave Rostamle the victory the sound

Australia – Sheldon Riley – Not the same

Take off the mask (Diamond) and be honest about your feelings: Sheldon Riley sings Not the same From deviation from the rest of the people. The singer describes how he was bullied and how he did not dare to admit his sexuality in his youth in his completely religious family.

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Estonia – Stefan – hopefull

Stefan is already very popular in his country and he hopes his career will now take off in the rest of the world. In 2018, he already tried to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest, but took third place in the preliminary selection. He also managed to reach the final in 2019 and 2020, but did not win. However, he was named the sexiest man in Estonia in 2020.

Romania – WRS – ahead

Andrei-Ionut Ursu is better known as WRS and started his career as a dancer. In 2015 he was part of a boy band for a while, but eventually decided to go solo. In 2020, he debuted with the song Why He is currently working on his first album, mandala

Poland – Ochman – river

Despite the fact that Uchmann suffered from a severe cold when he took part in the preliminary selection in Poland, he managed to win the match. The Polish public has long known that he can sing: in 2020 he went to win Poland’s voice Homepage. By the way, Aukman can also play the piano and can play the trumpet very well.

Belgium – Jérémie Makiese – I miss you

Jeremy McKissie wasn’t quite sure yet: does he want to be a professional singer or a soccer player? If it’s up to him, he does both. The goalkeeper recently signed a deal with Belgian professional club Excelsior Verton and won it in 2021 belgium sound

Sweden – Cornelia Jacobs – hold me close

For the first time in years, Sweden once again sends a woman to the Eurovision Song Contest. Cornelia Jacobs started her career in the girl group Love Generation, but took off solo in 2018. She doesn’t get her music from a stranger: her father is Jacob Samuel, singer of the band Poodles, which is popular in Sweden.

Czech Republic – We are Domi – The lights are off

A mixture of electro pop and a bit of indie music: this is how We Are Domi music in the Czech Republic is summed up. No matter how the three-piece group’s Song Contest ends: they’re going on a tour across Europe.

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