Xbox Game Pass gamers were surprised with the Stealth Release

Xbox Game Pass gamers were surprised with the Stealth Release

Microsoft surprised Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers with a brand new game that no one expected to come to the subscription service, or at least the subscription service on the PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X | S. More specifically, Microsoft has added Morkredd, a cooperative puzzle game just released. For non-subscribers, the game costs $ 20, but currently subscribers can get the game from Hyper Games and Aspyr Media for free and play it as they like.

At the moment, it is not clear how long the game will be added. If a game is published by Xbox Game Studios, it is a permanent addition. Every other type of release is a temporary addition. Usually games are added for at least a few months, but for now, there’s no way of knowing how long Morkredd will last.

However, as long as it’s available via Xbox Game Pass, it’s also available for purchase at 20 percent off. Once you leave Xbox Game Pass, or if your subscription expires, this discount will disappear.

Below, you can read more about the game, as well as check out a trailer or, more specifically, the game’s launch trailer:

“Morkredd is the Norwegian word for fear of the dark,” it says on the game’s official stadium. “In the game, light and shadow must be used to solve puzzles in a dark world inspired by long winters and Nordic culture. In Morkredd, Orb always requires two people. This means that in single player, you must master controlling two characters at once, or get a friend For cooperative sofa players. “

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