WWDC 2022 – New Releases Review Today | News

WWDC 2022 - New Releases Review Today |  News
This year’s Developer Conference keynote is over, and as expected, Apple rolled out major updates for macOS, iOS, iPadOS, and watchOS. On the other hand, there were no statements about tvOS 16, although there was a first developer version of the Apple TV system. As always, after the event, we will present the outcome of our internal editorial discussion on what to think about the innovations on display.

System updates: target
The event showed more than ever how Apple has now aligned the development of different systems. Even if there is often criticism in forum discussions that the annual cycle is not necessarily a feature, especially with macOS, you can certainly see Apple’s intent. Basic technologies like Metal 3 or raw functionality like Stage Manager can appear for multiple platforms at the same time. At the same time, Apple has repeatedly stressed that new features will also be accompanied by new APIs for developers – it is clear that Apple wants to force technologies to appear in the application as much as possible. At the same time, Apple is expanding the scope of high integration in order to make different hardware platforms into one “big Apple device”. An example is the whiteboard app called Freeform or extended delivery functionality for delivering FaceTime calls to another device. One aspect that Apple explicitly mentioned is still very welcome: this time we’ll focus on core technologies rather than functionality.

System updates: functional improvements
If you’re looking for the biggest announcements, this is definitely Stage Manager for iPad – because this time around Apple has already introduced far-reaching changes to the process that clearly distinguish the iPad from the iPhone. It’s also a big innovation on the Mac, because Apple clearly sees the functionality as a successor to Exposé or Mission Control. Otherwise, it can be summarized that Apple has largely remained faithful to the approach of recent years. You don’t get amazing updates, but you do get powerful product improvements. It remains to be seen if there is still room for the “next big thing” with such complex systems.

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M2 – The first major architectural overhaul
The M1 is available in different expansion stages, but the performance of the M1 cores in the MacBook Air is the same as in the Mac Studio – the differences are largely due to the number of cores. However, the M2 is the architecture’s first major overhaul. With the same number of CPU cores, computing power should increase by about 20 percent – more happens in the GPU area. Apple installs up to two additional cores there and also increases the performance of one core. The already impressive MacBook Air, which at least achieves its entire performance without a fan, is a better device, but also more expensive in the eurozone. At the same time, there should be the same discussions as with the MacBook Pro 2021, because the notch on the top of the screen certainly isn’t for everyone.

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