WUG displays a catwalk in Westfield Mall, Netherlands

WUG displays a catwalk in Westfield Mall, Netherlands

From September 22, a fashion exhibition curated by Vogue can be seen at Westfield Mall, Netherlands. Editor in Chief, Liz Cicek: “It’s the perfect way to get inspired for the fall/winter season” – and to create original TikTok costumes.

For those who have forgotten how great neighborhood shopping can be: Westfield Mall of the Netherlands in Leidschendam is the ultimate site for a refresher course. This mall of global proportions was established in 2021 on the site of a shopping mall, in the form of a futuristic building housing 280 stores and restaurants.

Follow the pink carpet
To celebrate the new fashion season, team Vogue Fashion has designed 82 dolls in new fall and winter trends. All the demonstrators at international fashion shows are presented in a similar atmosphere: think of the look in hot pink – the color of the new season – as well as underwear such as outerwear, jeans and comfortable knits. The inspiring looks – for both men and women – are made up of posters for sale on site, such as Moss Copenhagen, Smaak Amsterdam, 10 DAYS and Fabienne Chapot. Each theme has a QR code with handy store information.

Create your own costumes on TikTok
There is also a 360° slow motion camera in the middle of the gallery with which you can shoot a video of yourself on the “hot pink” pink carpet. Perfect for your Instagram reel or TikTok video. Editor-in-Chief Liliz Cicek: If we’ve learned one thing in recent years, it’s that we can’t do without live experiences. This gallery gives you the ultimate fashion inspiration for the new season. Follow the pink carpet at Westfield Mall of the Netherlands and be inspired – and create the ultimate content for your social friends here.

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The fair runs from September 22 to October 11, 2022. Westfield Mall, Netherlands can be reached by public transport from The Hague as well as by car, nl.westfield.com

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