Wreckage of plane crash, 20 bodies found in Nepal

Wreckage of plane crash, 20 bodies found in Nepal

Wreckage of the private airline Tara Air. The bodies of the passengers in the area were also found.AFP photo

“We are busy recovering the bodies of the victims and transporting them to Kathmandu,” a spokesman for the airport in the Nepalese capital said. Bad weather and persistent cloud cover make it difficult for rescuers to search for victims among the wreckage.

The plane of the private airline Tara Air disappeared from the radar on Sunday during a domestic flight from the tourist city of Pokhara to Jomsom, about 70 kilometers to the north. Authorities confirm that the plane crashed into the mountains in the Mustang region, close to the flight’s final destination. After analyzing the photos, it became clear that the plane did not catch fire. “It appears that the plane hit a large stone,” a spokesman for Pokhara airport said.

The Tara Air is from 1979 and has been flying in the area ever since. On board the plane were two Nepalese, four Indians and a German.

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past accidents

In Nepal, due to the increase in the number of tourists, more and more flights are being conducted due to difficult land connections, but Nepal Airlines has a bad reputation. The European Union bans all Nepalese airlines from European airspace as they will operate unsafely. In addition, the weather in the high mountains often changes unexpectedly, which makes flying dangerous.

Flights between Pokhara and Jomsom are often packed with tourists wanting to take a trek around the 8,091-meter Annapurna. In February 2016, a Tara Air plane crashed into a mountain on the same road. In December 2010, a plane belonging to the same airline crashed during a flight from Lamidanda in eastern Nepal to Kathmandu.

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