Wouter is doing Eurovision – Eurostory again

Wouter is doing Eurovision - Eurostory again

After 2019, Dutch composer and producer Water Hardy decided to leave the Eurovision Song Contest. He won that year with the Duncans Passage, which he co-wrote and co-produced. He couldn’t get any higher, so it was done. But he came back two years later — and then another two years later, ie: now, he’s back again.

In 2021, Wouter told us in an interview why he wrote another song, this time for Switzerland. the beautiful Tout l’univers Written by singer Jeon Tears before him, it even came first in professional juries. In the end (after the public vote) the song ended up in third place.

And again two years later, and now Wouters’ name appears in the preliminary round of Estonia. He co-wrote the song with singer ALIKA and his regular text partner, Nina Sampermans Bridges. The song is about how to find a way to start over: “Now I see myself building a world of bridges.

It has become a real Water Hardy song. This means that it starts small, with only the piano, then progresses to an opening chorus, with an emotional outro at the end. And of course strings were used and everything is cinematic. Bridges It is sung by Alika (Milova), it is not very well known yet, but last year it was the Estonian Talent Contest Eesti otsib superstaari She won and featured, among other things, her version of him Passage.

As usual, the Estonian preliminary tour guarantees fairly strong songs of good quality. This time we will not see any former Eurovision participant, that is, not among the performers. Well, with the songwriters. Wooter has competition from, for example Stig Rasta (Which was in 2015 for Estonia Goodbye yesterday sang and in 2016 game consist). Now co-write with others
Bad philosophy to the Elysees.
Kjetel Moreland (Also artist in 2015, but for Norway, with A monster like me) wrote with this check
Glass house for your commissions.
And then Steven There, who last year in Turin for Estonia with hopefull was the thirteenth. Now co-write
very good (at what you do) for m els.

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But will Water also be in the final round for the third time? The song seems powerful enough for that. We’ll find out on February 11, when the songs that survived the semi-finals will compete against each other.

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