World Championships Short Course: Gold Medal for Mixed Relay Swimmers | sports

World Championships Short Course: Gold Medal for Mixed Relay Swimmers |  sports

The Netherlands started with Toussaint as the only finalist with a woman on her back. Kamenga then made up for some disability and so did Chromovedjogo. De Boer outperformed the rest of the competition in the last 50 meters and awarded the Netherlands their first World Cup gold medal.

The Netherlands qualified for the third place in the final. Tessa Gilly, Arno Kamenja, Nils Korstanje and Kim Bush clocked 1.38.38 on Saturday morning.

Silver Kaminga

Kamenga had already claimed the silver in the 200m breaststroke earlier in the day. The 26-year-old Catwicker came in the Abu Dhabi Hammam with a time of 2.02.42. He can no longer track American Nick Fink. He won at 2.02.28. American Will Lacon took the bronze.

Kamminga qualified for the finals by the best time, but had to make up for a huge gap. That mostly worked, and Fink couldn’t be traced back anymore.

Kamenga previously missed a medal in the 100m breaststroke. Then it came in fourth place. Kamenga won silver in the 100 and 200 breaststroke at the Tokyo Olympics last summer.

Toussaint and Steenbergen are out of medals

Kyra Toussaint failed to win a medal in the 200m backstroke at the World Short Course Championships. The 27-year-old swimmer came in with a time of 2:04.74 and was seventh. The world title was won by American Ryan White, who beat Canada’s Kylie Massey with 2.01.58 points.

Toussaint, who won two relay medals on Friday, also did well in seventh in the 200m backstroke qualifying: 2:05.27. Last month, she won the European title in the 200m backstroke with a time of 2.01.26, faster than White’s world title win.

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Swimmer Marit Steenbergen along with snatched medals in the 100-meter freestyle. She ranked eighth with a time of 52.40 points. The world title went to Siobhan Bernadette Hughe of Hong Kong, who defeated Sarah Sjostrom. She won at 50.98, smashing the 2018 championship record for Ranomy Kromwidjogo.

Kromowidjojo fastest to finish 50m butterfly

Ranomy Kromwedjogo and Mike de Ward qualified for the 50m butterfly final. Cromovidjogo, the track world champion in 2018, set the best time by a wide margin with 24.61. Maike de Waard reached 25.19 and that was good for the fourth time.

Thom de Boer qualified for the final in the 50m freestyle. With 20.98 he finished second in the semi-finals behind Canadian Joshua Lindo Edwards. In total, he got the fourth time. Jesse Potts did not succeed. The 2016 world champion came to 21.41 and became thirteenth.

Marit Steenbergen reached the final of the 100m medley. It posted the seventh fastest time with 58.75. Switzerland’s Maria Ogolkova was fastest, with a score of 58.25. Kim Bush didn’t make it. She was sixteen years old with 59.82.

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