World Athletics Relays host the Silesia 21 series and show the future of the World Athletics Championships

World Athletics Relays host the Silesia 21 series and show the future of the World Athletics Championships

The Tokyo 2020 locations will be the target of the IAAF World Athletics competitions starting tomorrow in Chorzo, Poland – as organizers aspire to host the World Sports Championships.

The fifth edition of the two-day event will provide the Olympic stadiums for the eight best teams in the 4x100m, 4×400 and 4x400m races for men and women mixed, which will make their debut at the Tokyo Games after competing in the Doha 2019 World Championships.

When asked at a pre-event press conference about Poland’s ambitions to host world-class athletics, Jakob Chelstowski, a Silesian goalkeeper, said: “I think the next two days will show and prove that we can organize events, that we are excellent experience in infrastructure and a great team and a big heart for athletics.

“We have a number of procedures and we have to take our time to discuss this issue, but during the last two years we have been able to prove our desire to participate in many projects, and we also want to learn lessons.

“We have the national stadium and I am convinced, and this is also my dream, that we can organize events at this level, such as the World Championships and European Championships – of course we will do our best for [these events].

“We have to prove that we can organize these kinds of events.

“We have great hotels and infrastructure, and we’ve learned a lot from union visits about what our approach should be and how best to organize things.

“I am convinced that we will organize big events here in Silesia in cooperation with the national and local government.”

Host country Poland will compete against European champion Poland in the Netherlands Gymnasium in the women’s 4x400m at the IAAF World Championships © Getty Images

Sebastian Coe, Head of World Athletics, said: “I am fully aware that Silesia has shown an interest in organizing the World Championships.

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We welcome initiatives and interest, especially from cities and regions that have designated athletics.

“Poland has presented our championships on almost every level. I’ve been here several times when they did, and I can totally understand why they wanted to take the next step.”

Given the challenges of the epidemic, as Poland presented both the IAAF World Half Marathon Championships, which were held in Gdynia last October, and now the global relay events, Kuo added: “It was easier to cancel.

“We are aware that this was a pattern that some sports have followed.

“But with the support of the Polish government and local authorities, and the big organizing committee here, we paid for it, and we are very grateful to them.”

The United States and Jamaica – the first and second seeders in the final edition of the 2019 event in Yokohama – chose not to send teams to Silesia due to fears of the Coronavirus, as happened in Australia and Canada in recent weeks, while India failed to do so. And therefore. On their flight. To Poland due to the deadly wave of COVID-19 the country is experiencing.

The United States and Jamaica are among those who have already secured the Tokyo 2020 stadiums by reaching the relay finals at the 2019 Doha World Championships, but several other qualifying countries will compete at Silesia Stadium in what is seen as a major warm-up for the tournament. the games. After the long gap in competitive opportunities.

If a country has already occupied places in the top eight, the remaining berths that will be allocated according to the lists of the world’s best performers will be introduced on June 29 this year.

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All eight finalists in the men’s and women’s 4x100m and 4x400m races, and those with next best times, will advance to the postponed IAAF World Championships in Eugene, Oregon next year.

In a 4 x 400m mixed event, the final eight runners in Oregon will be joined by the four fastest losers from the opening round.

Of the 16 teams that competed in the women’s 4x100m, Italy and Switzerland had already secured their place in Tokyo.

There will be a strong challenge from a Dutch team with Daphne Schippers, who twice won a 200-meter gold medal in the world, and more recently the 60-meter European hallway champion Jamil Samuel, and European champion in the 60 meters. Barriers in closed halls Nadine Visser.

Hosts will present Iowa Soboda, which was unable to defend its European title at 60 meters, at Torun Stadium last month after testing positive for COVID-19.

The South African team, including the Commonwealth champion in the 100m Akane Sempin, took more than 30 hours to travel to attend the event in Poland © World Athletics
The South African team, including the Commonwealth champion in the 100m Akane Sempin, took more than 30 hours to travel to attend the event in Poland © World Athletics

In the men’s 4x100m, Brazil will defend the title it won in Yokohama, with Paolo Andre Camilo de Oliveira defeating future world champion in the 200-meter American Noah Lyles by just 0.02 seconds.

There are four other countries already eligible for the Tokyo 2020 Games – France, Japan, the Netherlands and South Africa, whose team members have traveled to Poland for more than 30 hours.

The South African team features the Commonwealth of Nations and African champion Akane Sembene who has appeared three times in less than 10 seconds this year.

The 4 x 400m relay includes the women of the Dutch quadruple who won the European Athletics title in style last month, including 21-year-old European champion Fimk Ball.

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Trinidad and Tobago, which concluded the US 4 × 400m in Yokohama, is no longer in Poland, and Belgium – with Burley’s three siblings, Jonathan, Kevin and Dylan – may become the first European winners.

The event also includes 2x2x400m, 4x200m, and obstacle reinforcement.

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