Woolworth investigates after a woman claimed the larvae were in half a chicken

Woolworth is investigating a disturbing claim that a woman sold a chicken that crawled insects.

Kylie Mitrivsky claims to have bought half a roast chicken from a store in Mayfield, NSW, when she spotted the creepy crawl.

She shared a $ 5.50 shopping poster that shows it was purchased on November 12 – the same day she posted it on the supermarket’s Facebook page.

“Please explain why there are maggots in the roast chicken purchased today?” I wrote to Woolworths.

The footage shows the hen crawling with tiny larvae, while fellow shoppers express their disgust at the discovery.

Watch the footage in the video player above

One Facebook user wrote, “Oh my God, this sucks.”

Another pledge “I will never buy a chicken again”.

Camera iconThe woman also shared a chicken sticker to show that she bought it the same day. credit: Woolworths/The social networking site Facebook

Others described it as “gross” and “unacceptable.”

Woolworths responded to Ms. Mitterevsky, thanked her for bringing her attention to her, and promised to research it further.

The company wrote, “We take such incidents very seriously, and thanks to the batch details provided in the photos, we were able to pass this on to our team for consideration.”

Woolworths also offered to refund the full price of the chicken.

The company said, “Please be aware that with our fresh or free warranty, you are more than welcome to return your receipt to our service desk and our lovely team will gladly offer you a full refund and replacement.”

Last month, a mom told how she also found live bugs inside Pizza Baker Delight.

She said, “It was just despicable.”

“There was a party going on there.”

Baker Delight said an investigation has begun at the store, which has been closed for deep cleaning.

“This type of accident is not uncommon for our business, so we are dealing with this quickly,” the company said.

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