Women’s football – News – The last three tickets are in danger

Women's football - News - The last three tickets are in danger
  • Six teams are competing for the last three European Cup tickets
  • The play-off match is played in two quarterly playoff matches
  • It will take place on April 9 and 13

On April 13th, we will meet the last teams traveling to the 2022 UEFA European Championship. The Czech Republic, Switzerland, Ukraine, Northern Ireland, Portugal and Russia will compete in the qualifiers for the last three tickets to the tournament. Hosted by the United Kingdom.

Czech Republic – Switzerland

April 9 – FC Somodov Stadium (Somodov) / April 13 – Arena Toon (Toon)

Innovation champion Ella Don and midfielder Sally Jolini are calling for the Swiss national team to battle against the Czech Republic.

“Livia, Ella and Sally have been called up because they are the most interesting players in the future.” Coach Niles said, “I don’t consider them to be key players against Checkers, but if they do their best in their position, they will play.” Nielsen.

The two teams have met four times, with two wins for Switzerland, one draw and one victory for the Czech Republic. Their last fight was precisely the European Cup qualification match, in which Albinas won 0-5 (4 June 2016). Will this be a good omen?

The FIFA / Coca-Cola Women’s World Ranking was divided into the eight places. Despite missing the 2019 World Cup in France – Switzerland wants to qualify for the continent for the second time in a row – the Czechs are hoping to participate in the event for the first time. Coach Karel Rada’s team will do everything in their power to achieve this, and their recent results are encouraging: in the past two years, the Czech Republic lost to Spain only (1-5, 4-0) and England (2-3).

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Ukraine – Northern Ireland

April 9 – Colossus (Kovalivka) / April 13 – Biography (Belfast)

Northern Ireland makes its debut in the playoff roles for a superb tournament. Kenneth Shields came second in Group C qualifiers, behind Norway.

“I can’t tell you how proud I am, I’m so proud of them,” Sheals admitted to the fight. “I’ve picked up some great footballers and they’re starting to realize where they want to go, but also where we want to be.”

Meanwhile, Ukraine faces a fourth play-off match. He did not win it in 2001 and 2013, but he did win in 2009 and qualified for the European Championship for the first time. In the 2009 Finnish edition, this first team took third place in Group A, adding three points. In fact, after losing 0-2 to the Netherlands and 1-2 against Denmark, the Ukrainians were eliminated from the tournament on competition day.

Did you know…? Youngest Ukrainian player to play in the final of the European Championship. Oksana Yakovich reached this milestone in the struggle against the Netherlands on August 23, 2009, when she was 16 years and 156 days old.

Portugal – Russia

April 9 – Ristolo Stadium (Lisbon) / April 13 – Subson Arena (Moscow)

Portugal has fond memories of the playoff matches. With a score of 1-1 against Romania, Portugal qualified for the last time for the European Championship in the Netherlands in 2017 thanks to doubling the value of goals at home. [ndlr: 0-0 en la ida y 1-1 en Cluj]This is their only participation so far and their adventure in the group stage has ended.

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On the other hand, Russia has more experience participating in major tournaments. The rival of Francisco Neto has played two World Cups and five European Cups. The numbers are in their favor: In the previous seven matches – the preparatory matches, the Alcorve Cup, and qualification for the 1999 FIFA Women’s World Cup – the Portuguese had not scored any goals.

“We expect a strong and intense competition. Both teams want a good start to approach the European Cup. We are playing at home and our goal is to respond well and win this tournament, without achieving any priority goals,” analyzes Dolores Silva.

“We will train very well to make the match as good as possible. No matter how difficult the task is, we have chances and we will give everything. We are focused on winning and making history again. We believe we can. To get there.”

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