Woman missing after nine days found in car trailer | car

Woman missing after nine days found in car trailer |  car

A disabled woman has been found missing in Kent when police investigate her mother’s broken-down Cadillac. The woman was admitted to the hospital.

The woman was reported missing by her sister on February 14, according to the Washington Kent State Police Department. An investigation revealed that the woman was last seen with her 45-year-old mother on February 5. According to authorities, the mother stopped her car at a gas station and ran away, leaving her daughter in the car (via Fox News).

winter conditions

Since the car had apparently been abandoned, gas station employees called the towing company to have the car removed. Unfortunately for the woman, no one noticed that she was in the back of the car. She spent nine days alone in a Cadillac CTS at the two towing companies’ properties, in wintry conditions. The woman was rescued after officers called the towing company and ordered him to check the car.

Under a pile of clothes

According to the towing company, towed cars are always checked. In this case, the truck driver might look through the windows and see no one inside. He added that the woman “was lying in the back seat under a pile of clothes.”

It is not known what steps will be taken against the woman’s mother.

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