Wolf on calendar discussion: ‘Most fans don’t care where we race’

Wolff over kalender-discussie: "Meeste fans maakt het niet uit waar we racen"

Jan Bolcher

Toto Wolff is delighted that Miami and Las Vegas have made it into the Formula 1 calendar. The Mercedes team boss thinks the fans at the bottom of the row don’t care where they race.

The Formula 1 calendar is currently under discussion. The sport continues to grow in popularity around the world, which has resulted in more and more countries lining up to organize the race weekend. This is good news for the royal class, which can enter new markets in this way. However, it also poses a problem. Under current regulations, the calendar can consist of a maximum of 24 races, so there are a number of circuits on the swing.

Max exceeded

This year the counter stands at 23 Grand Prix. Russia is gone, but it is likely to be replaced by Qatar, which will appear as a fixed destination on the calendar from 2023. In addition, Las Vegas will be added to the list of destinations next season and China will return to the calendar. Miami is registering a newcomer this year and South Africa is expected to join from 2024. So the cap is crossed, and therefore Formula 1 has to cut its body.

Three races in the United States

The contract of France, Belgium and Mexico has expired. In addition, Formula 1 CEO Stefano Domenicali recently indicated that traditional races are not sure of their venue in advance, causing fans to apprehensive about the Monaco Grand Prix. However, Toto Wolff thinks viewers down the line don’t really care where the Formula 1 race ends. “I think it’s great that we now have the second and third race in the US, all the way in Miami and Las Vegas,” the Austrian said. “Things haven’t improved.

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Fans don’t care

“The truth is that I don’t think most fans who watch Formula 1 on TV or social media don’t really care where we race. That’s my opinion. Baku is not a traditional race,” the Mercedes team boss continued. Fabulous event. Racing at those famous places is important for fans and local fans. And you can see it: a great audience,” he points out, referring to the fans who are in Australia. “So finding the right balance is not so important, but Stefano has done it very well so far.”

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